1. Is there a warranty?
    1. Yes. We use GrassTex Turf and they provide a manufactures warranty for the turf. We as an installer also provide a limited warranty on installation for up to 2 years. Our warranty will cover making sure that the final product meets your desires, and if at any point over the next 2 years the turf starts to shift or pull away we will go back in and resecure the turf. Further details of each warranty are available upon request. 
  2. Do you have financing options?
    1. We accept cash, check, and credit card. 
  3. Reading about synthetic turf I see things about "crumb rubber or silica granules or sand” infills and “microbial” infills, what’s this all about?
    1. This is a very important component of the synthetic turf landscape. We are proud to say that we only use Envirofill Infill. It is top of the line and is, in our opinion, the best option for a landscape that will have animals and/or children living life on it! If you would like to look more into the pros of Envirofill you can use this link: https://www.artificialturfsupply.com/envirofill-artificial-grass-infill.html
  4. If/when we decide to move forward, what happens next?  How do we get started, paperwork, down payment?
    1. When you decide to move forward you will just shoot us an email or give us a call stating that you are ready! At that time we will start putting together the contract for your review. Depending on the job size, we will decide on a downpayment as well as a phased payment schedule. We will order all materials once the downpayment is paid. In regards to timeline, we  will be able to get a better estimate once we are able to order the turf.